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10 Ways to Protect your Outdoor Space and Preserve your Inner Peace

Your backyard is beautiful and you did it without breaking the bank or your back. Now it’s time to enjoy your outdoor living space, fire up that rust-free grill, and dine in your red-painted Adirondack chairs; rest that pitcher of Margaritas right between the two of you on that hunk of bluestone, and make a toast to your personal view of the sky.

So what if the world’s getting wackier, staying home sounds like sound advice to me!

The colors beautiful this time of year, and the fire pit you chose is perfect. Feel the coze from your nose to your toes, cuddled up in your hammock for two.

By the way, ping-pong on the patio is a smash, and this gathering has the feel of a bash. Who wants to watch a movie on the outside screen tonight? Something funny, romantic, or how ‘bout some fright? Cuddle up for a flick, I’m torn you pick; happiness is right here, pop some corn and a beer!!

Outdoor spaces in our homes provide a backdrop for our best memories and a sanctuary from the chaos of daily life. Here are 10 simple suggestions for protecting your outdoor space and preserving your inner-peace.

#10!  Don’t hesitate to Aerate

Once in the fall and then in the spring, rent an aerator and give your beautiful lawn this gift. Careful, don’t let your kids throw the plugs at each other!

#9!!  Use the Holidays to Manufacture Some Color

Glass blown ornaments and repurposed planters provide just the right splash for just a little cash. Halloween is a scream when tiki torches light up your hardscape like gold.  S’mores and hot cider around the fire for all of your witches and werewolves, what a treat to treat your friends! Come Christmas, string lights with elegance and charm, Stacks of hay and a horse ride, recollection of that farm. Just remember that December is why they make heat lamps and long underwear!

#8!!!  and a 1/2 Prepare a Pet Area

Poop can just ruin a good party. Establish and maintain a place for the dogs to do their biz, clean it regularly, and play badminton somewhere else…                                   Speaking of dogs – A Sprinkle for their Tinkle! Just a teaspoon of baking soda in their water each day will protect the your grass from their squirts, and maintain the green in your scene.

#7 !!!! Power wash that hardscape and scrub-a-dub all surfaces

Mix a bucket of water with 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and store the furniture cushions until Spring. Make sure to blare the best of Motown when cleaning. “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day, When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.”

#6!!!!!  Speaking of Music

Keep those speakers clean and cobwebby free. Spiders love the vibrations of your groove, but they’ll always move when you ask them nicely with a broom.

#5!!!!!!  Clean those Gutters and Down Spouts

Sweep debris out of your space, and please be careful up on that ladder. Clean all that muck up each season and your space will stay pleasin’!


Remove leaves as they fall try your best, get them all! Keep your lawn and your deck as clean as can be, and enjoy your view of the sky or the sea. Clean up apples and pears and pine cones and branches in your Cape’s, colonials, chateaus, and ranches.

#3!!!!!!!!  Tweedle dee Bird feeders baby

Invite feathered friends into your backyard so beautiful. Let their colors and songs be part of your scene. Just remember to scrub off the droppings and stains. Here’s a hint try and scrub when it rains!

#2!!!!!!!!! Hot tub if you haven’t!

Imagine the view of your yard from above – Lights along a stone path through the darkness, lead to something quite bright, just enjoy this delight. Champagne goes just right with the bubbles and steam, your backyard just turned into a dream!

#1 – Call Elaine at Obsidian Blue Wave!!!!!!!!!!!

Protect all of your purchases professionally. Obsidian Blue Wave uses a patented formula of ceramic coating and prevents the damage of weather to your outdoor investments. Visit today. Ceramic coating for your outdoor kitchen and your outdoor dining table and chairs, keep your grill rust-free, and your outdoor space feeling, looking, and enduring as it should, not like it will if you do nothing. Call Elaine today and she will take care of you with Obsidian Blue!

And remember! TAKE PICTURES in your outdoor spaces every season. Memories fade and we forget, so take tons of candid shots and make your own annual Backyard Photobooks. Order a big one for the coffee table and paperbacks for all of your people.